Insects In Humans' Life

insects and humans There are not many insects lovers among us. Moreover, humans most often think of insects as of pests. Is this opinion correct? Definitely not. Yes, its true that there are a lot of parasites among them such as mosquitoes, lice and bed bug. There are insects that transmit diseases, such as flies, or damage buildings, such as termites. Some of the insects are hurting agriculture (weevils and locusts). Yet, without insects there would be no humans on the Earth They serve a source of food for many animals, people and other insects. They take part in many natural processess and entomologists now agree that if all insects would suddenly disappear, humans would not be able to survive in new conditions longer than 10 years. This is why entomologists should carefully use pest control methods.

It may turn out that some insects are important part of the food chain of some animal or another insect or somehow otherwise affect natural processes, and the decrease in the population of this insect will tremendously hurt nature. Many insects (especially beetles) are scavengers, who feed on dead animals and fallen trees. They recycle the biological materials into forms being used by other living creatures. Insects are as well responsible for the process by which topsoil is created. This is why in modern world the use of insecticides is undesirable, and this is better to replace them with biocontrol methods of pest control.


Can you imagine your daily ration without fresh fruits and berries? How dull our life would have been without flowers? Insects are essential for these aspects of our life. Wasp, bees, butterflies and even ants pollinate flowering plants. This is a mutually beneficial process alowing these plant to reproduce and gives nectar and pollen to the insects. In modern world populations of pollinator insects decrease, that's why people have started culturing pollinating insects in order to help argiculture and gardening.


Insects are both producing food and themselves serve a food for humans in some cultures. They serve a good source of protein, and cultures where eating of insects is unacceptable, are in majority the cultures that have some other sources of protein such as farm birds and cattle. In many countries where crops are often destroyed by the raids of locusts, people survive through collecting the locusts and consuming them. They are also able to feed the animals this way.

Who have not tried such tasty and amazingly health-giving product as honey? This also a product of insect's vital functions. This leads us into another aspect of humans and insects – medicine.

Other Usage

Insects are known for producing some usful substances as well. Silkworms are working hard to supply humans with a delicate silk, that is so much pleasure to wear. Insects can also produce such useful things as lacquer and wax. Fishermen often use crickets and other insects as fishing bait.

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